Ghana opposition holds mass protest rally


Thousands of opposition protesters have rallied in the capital, Accra, demanding justice for victims of recent killings.

It follows the murder of social media activist Ibrahim Mohammed by unknown assailants and the death of two protesters after a clash with security personnel, the BBC's Ghana correspondent Thomas Naadi reports.

Clad in red-and-black outfits, the demonstrators - many of whom were members of the largest opposition National Democratic Congress party - accused the government of failing to act.

"Since this government came into office, there have been instances of arbitrary killings in our country, most of them perpetrated by the ruling government vigilante forces," one protester told the BBC.

President Nana Akufo-Addo has ordered a public inquiry into the death of the two protesters.

But the concern has been that recommendations of inquiries into similar circumstances have not been fully implemented, our correspondent says.

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