This drug is killing People - Man Angrily tells FDA

A well known member of the opposition National Democratic Congress in the Ashanti region, Mr. Abdul Rasheed has called on the Ghana Police Service as well as the Food and Drugs Authorities to as soon as possible arrest sellers of a snuff called (Ekikime).

In an interview with the press, he charged the authorities to be proactive and deal with the perpetrators of the harmful snuff.

"Let me tell you, there is this dangerous drug (snuff) called Ekikime is very dangerous drug and can kill , I will plead with the FDA and GPS to take swift action to arrest the sellers", he stated.

Moreover, he urged parents and guidance to ensure their wards stay away from such drugs , believing can lead to madness.

"The drug is not different from marijuana or cocaine, it's very dangerous and can lead to madness, I will crave the indulgence of parents and guidance to ensure their wards refrain from using it", he concluded.

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